Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And then I was a refugee...

On November 29th the Australian Red Cross app "And then I was a refugee..." app I directed! It's an interactive narrative that puts the user in the shoes of a Somali refugee. It was a fantastic experience over the past 5 months, but it came with many challenges. 1 day a week to work on it, planning the entire look, feel, and information in the app, and giving directions to a writer, sound designer, programmer, and artist - a lot of complications came up.

Given we were all working in an untouched field, and really, quite a unique subject matter to the Apple and Google stores, I'm very pleased with the final result. There's always things you want to change and add, but given our extreme budget and timeline we really nailed it.

The app is only available in Australia for now, but will very soon go world wide. You can check it out here: For Android devices the app is available at Google Play. For Apple devices the app is available at the iTunes Store. The app is free and is recommended for people aged nine and over.

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